Getting Started

Learn how to install and use Paneforge in your projects.


Install Paneforge using your favorite package manager:

	npm install paneforge	

Basic Usage

Here's a simple example of how to use Paneforge to create a horizontal pane group with two panes:

	<script lang="ts">
	import { PaneGroup, Pane, PaneResizer } from "paneforge";
<PaneGroup direction="horizontal">
	<Pane defaultSize={50}>Pane 1</Pane>
	<PaneResizer />
	<Pane defaultSize={50}>Pane 2</Pane>

The PaneGroup component is used to initialize a pane group, and the Pane component is used to create a pane. The PaneResizer component is used to create a resizer that can be dragged to resize the panes.

The components ship only with the styles necessary to position the panes in the appropriate layout. The rest of the styling is up to you.


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